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About Us

Theresa’s Story

Theresa Kashale could never have planned for the life she would come to lead in Sioux Falls, SD. Her journey began in 1985, when she left her home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for fear of her life.

After leaving the Congo, Theresa, her husband, and their oldest child moved to the neighboring country of Burundi. In September 1993, the presidents of Burundi and Rwanda were killed, and civil war began. Massacres followed, and no one was safe, not even children or the elderly. Theresa lived in constant fear that she and her family would be next.

Today, she is able to talk about her experiences and how they have shaped her. It has taken time, but God has healed Theresa from the trauma she experienced on her home continent. Even as God has brought Theresa to her new home in Sioux Falls and her job as a teacher with the Sioux Falls School District, He has also brought her heart back to her birthplace, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Theresa hugging a group of young children
Theresa outside with two young girls

The Need for an Orphanage

Four million orphaned or abandoned children currently live on the streets in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a result of a civil war and the AIDS epidemic.

Having experienced the horrors of war firsthand, the stories of these children touched Theresa deeply. In 2006, she decided to return to her homeland to help make a difference in these children’s lives. Funded with just $6,000 from donors in Sioux Falls, she secured and repaired a building, hired staff, and started an orphanage.

Today, Theresa’s House serves more than 25 children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or given up by families without the resources to support them. If left on the streets, these children could face deadly disease, starvation, and violence and may be forced to turn to prostitution or stealing to survive.

What We Provide

Thanks to the support of generous donors, Theresa and our team of caring volunteers and staff are able to provide the children of Theresa’s House with food, education and, most importantly, a loving home.

Illustration of a pair of children's sandals

Food and Clothing

Most children come to Theresa’s House with only clothes on their backs. The orphanage provides clothes, shoes, three meals a day, and beds to sleep in.

Illustration of a vaccine

Medical Attention

The children are all given regular medical check‑ups, emergency care when needed, education on personal hygiene, and support for healthy living.

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Theresa's House provides each child with tuition at a nearby Christian school, as well as uniforms and school supplies.

Illustration of a storefront with eggs

Work and Life Skills

In addition to school, children at Theresa’s House have the opportunity to learn how to garden, raise chickens, and sew clothing. They also gain work experience at our onsite bakery, storefront, and preschool.

Illustration of an adult and child joining hands

Caring Supervision

The care of the children can only be as good as the staff parenting them. The team members at Theresa’s House are committed Christians and compassionate caretakers who are paid a small stipend each month.

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