Theresa’s Story

Theresa Kashale could never have planned for the life she would come to lead in Sioux falls, South Dakota. Her journey to her life today began in 1985, when she left her country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, because of political unrest, killing, and moral injustice.

After leaving the Congo, Theresa, her husband and their oldest child moved to the neighboring country, Burundi. In September 1993, the Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda were killed and civil war began. Theresa and her family witnessed many horrible things, as people began to kill each other. Children were killed. Elderly people were killed. Their own neighbors were killed, and Theresa began to live in fear that she and her family would be next.

The time was very painful. Today, Theresa is able to talk about her experiences and how they have shaped her. It has taken time to heal, but God has healed Theresa, and removed the great pain that she felt over what she witnessed in Africa. Even as God has brought Theresa all the way to her new home in Sioux Falls, SD, he has also brought her heart back to her birthplace, the Democratic Republic of Congo.