What We Provide

Theresa’s House is providing food, shelter, and education to children that would otherwise have no opportunity to attend school. We provide them with relevant skills and knowledge to be God – fearing, successful, and responsible people of the DRC and the world.

School Tuition

School tuition for each student in 1st – 4th grade costs $15.00 a month. For students in grades 5 – 11, tuition costs $30.00 a month.

Food and Clothing

The children come to the orphanage with no clothing or shoes. Theresa’s House provides clothes, shoes, three meals a day, and beds to sleep in.

Medical Attention

The children are given medical checkups, often for the first time in their lives. They are taught about personal hygiene and healthy living.

Total Monthly Budget

At this time the total monthly budget for the orphanage is $2,250.00. Only a small portion for Theresa’s monthly telephone costs stays in Sioux Falls. All of the rest of the money donated goes directly to the orphanage.


This is a very difficult problem for the orphanage at this time. It is hoped that $ 5000.00 can be raised soon to pay for a used bus.